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Data Analytics

Introduction To Data Analytics

SQL for data querying, Tableau for data visualization, Python for data processing, get not only data analytics skills, but also making business decision using data analytics.

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21-Day Blockchain Bootcamp

Blockchain applications, Altcoin analysis, Smart contract development on Ethereum and HyperLedger as well as investment insights and technical analysis skills for invenstment.

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Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Greatly enhance your data analytics and machine learning skills through time-series and NLP projects using R and Python. Systematically master unsupervised/supervised machine learning models.

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Analytic Techniques for Business

Business Analytics: Excel, VBA & Tableau

Use Excel, VBA and Tableau to boost your working efficiency. Learn the techniques to spot trends and drive business decisions with real-world data. And tell compelling data stories using visualization and dashboards.

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Blockchain Development On HyperLedger

Understand the concepts and components essential for building blockchain business network. You will also get hands-on experience modeling and building blockchain networks as well as create your blockchain application using HyperLedger.

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Blockchain Development On Ethereum

Help you have deep understanding of Ethereum concepts. Learn how to use Solidity to create your own crypto and create your own decentralized application

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Blockchain Investment

Blockchain Essensials For Investment

Build up blockchain foundation and Learn knowledge and skills on investing in different blockchain markets.

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Why Xcourse?

Industry-oriented Courses

Xcourse collaborates with various industry sectors, bridging the most demanding skills to young professionals in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and emerging Blockchain industry. You can quickly pick up practical data analytics, machine learning, blockchain development through hands on projects.


Premium Jobs

Xcourse selects only premium jobs in market based on in-depth understanding of technology trends and market demands. We carefully choose jobs that have bight career path and help you outstand from others in the future. Xcourse connect talents and forge the future.


VIP Programs

Xcourse collaborate experienced HR, professionals to help candidates eliminate chanllenges in your career path. VIP program provides comprehensive career consulation, job recommendation, interview skill training, we will always by your side until you find your dream job.

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Xcourse members enjoy the exclusive privilege of internal job referral to Xcourse partner companies with high priority. Promising positions including Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Software Engineer, Business Consultants, etc.

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Xcourse members enjoy the exclusive privilege to receive montly job news letters with the most popular positions in the market, we always keep an eye on your most promising future career.

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Xcourse members enjoy the exclusive privilege to receive internal discount coupons irregularly, the coupons can be used for all available courses on our platform. Always get prepared to seize the chance appear to you.

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