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Career Accelerator Program

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About the program

The Career Accelerator Program provides personalized mentoring and coaching for individuals. It contains exhaustive personalized competency analysis including technical skills and softskills applied in interviews. The program spans up to 6 months. Multiple mentors from different industries provide you with comprehensive training session based on your strengths, weaknesses and future career preference, which will greatly increase your competitiveness in job market.

The program gurantees job offer from your preferred industry. The Career Accelerator Program now only open for selected Xcourse Members. To know more details, email us at

What can you get through the Career Accelerator Program?

Personalized training to boost your career competitiveness

Career Planning

There is nothing more important than understanding your own strengths, weaknesses and what you want for your career.

Xcourse provides mutiple tests to understand your personality, competitive advantages and disadvantages in career market. Based on analytics result, Xcourse provides personalized training items to improve your competitiveness in both technical skills and softskills used in interview.

Comprehensive Training

There is no way to grow faster than personalized coaching plan.

Xcourse provides personalized training items based on your own profile. Plenty of experienced data scientist and data analysts from various industries as your mentors, providing one-on-one training, providing technical consulting and industry insights.

Crack Interview

We prepare interview together with you.

Xcourse provides internal referal to 60+ companies in Singapore. Customize resume for each of your job application. Mock interviews help you conquer your anxiety and present the best of yourself. Multiple mentors share you the industry insights and guide you to your favorite offers.